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Many migrants cross the Mexico-US border daily, with Ciudad Juarez being their final stop in Mexico before pursuing the American dream. However, they often don't realize that their struggle to stay in the US begins there. Some get deported, while a few are released in the US with deportation orders, continuing their battle to remain in a place that often doesn't welcome them, where they must leave behind their past to build a better future.


From 2008 to 2011, Ciudad Juarez held the dubious title of the world's most violent city. Today, it still ranks among the most dangerous places. This border city is teeming with life and culture, yet it's also marked by death. People come here in search of the American dream, but sadly, many find only tragedy.

David Peinado Romero

Documentary photographer freelance from Ciudad Juárez, Mexico. His focus is on capturing reality and addressing topics such as migration, capitalism, violence, and feminicides. With a self-taught background and experience in local studios and renowned media outlets, David has been able to immortalize moments and give voice to stories through his photographs, demonstrating a strong journalistic ethics and a deep connection with his community.

Photography, for David, is a way to explore foreign worlds and comprehend the violent circumstances surrounding social and political conflicts. His dedication and adaptability have allowed him to raise awareness and share his vision on a national and international scale, leaving a significant impact through his documentary work.

Email: , Tel: 6561280098, inst : davidpeinadoromero

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Children of the Rio Bravo

In this project, a simple analog camera was provided to children who were part of the Venezuelan migrants' camp. The children had the chance to capture various photographs depicting their everyday experiences, offering them a means of entertainment and a temporary escape from the challenges their families were facing. Simultaneously, the images captured portray powerful visuals that reflect life within the camp.




Amidst the vastness of Mexico and the border that separates two worlds, emerges a story woven through the colors adorning migrants. "The Red Path: Tracing Migration" is a photographic project aiming to explore and give voice to the experiences of those brave individuals who cross borders in search of a better future.


The Color Red:

The color red, present in the clothing of migrants, becomes the thread that ties together this series of images. Beyond being just a color, red symbolizes passion, courage, and determination. Amidst the uncertainty and challenges they face on their journey, red stands as a symbol of hope and resilience.


Each Photograph, a Story:

Each photograph captured in this project tells a unique story. Through the photographer's lens, moments of fatigue, solidarity, joy, and sadness are revealed, all unified by the color red that binds these migrants in their quest for a fresh start.


The Route:

The images unfold along the migrant route, from departure points in Central America to border crossings in Mexico. The landscapes change, but red persists, reminding us of the perseverance of those willing to leave everything behind in search of a more promising future.



The Red Path: Tracing Migration" aims not only to document this journey but also to generate empathy and understanding towards the lives of migrants. Through these images, we invite the viewer to reflect on the shared difficulties and dreams of all individuals, regardless of their place of origin.



As we explore the images of "The Red Path," let us remember that red is not just a color in migrants' clothing but also a call to solidarity and the shared humanity we all possess. In these photographs, we find a universal connection that transcends borders and reminds us that we are all part of the same global family.

This photographic project seeks to showcase the courage and resilience of migrants and, in turn, inspire all of us to be part of a more inclusive and compassionate world.

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